covid update

Just a note to say that Kellerwood is still open for business!

Sorry for being so quiet recently.   I have been seeing on LinkedIn forums that... more »

Marquise sapphire pendant

Introducing Kellerwood Jewellers Online Shop

A warm welcome back from Russell Wood It’s been a busy year since the Kellerwood... more »

news march 2017

The ‘Blue Honey Of The Mediterranean’ But On Your Finger.

You’re searching for a bespoke ring. You want bold exciting jewellery. You need some colour in... more »

modern vintage jewellery

Vintage Jewellery Collection

We are happy to present our latest range of vintage jewellery. We have commissioned these... more »

Morganite Ring by Luke Stockley London

Morganite Ring by Luke Stockley London

Luke Stockley of London has created this absolutely exquisite morganite ring now on display at... more »


New Range of Brown&Newirth Wedding rings

Kellerwood is excited to introduce the new range of mens wedding rings. Wedding rings, many... more »

Kellerwood Viking Rings

We call them the Viking Rings!

Jewellery was very important to the Vikings and denoted status, especially arm bands which represented... more »

gia certified saphire

New Violet Sapphire and Diamond Range

Incredible Rare Violet Sapphire Kellerwood is proud to present a stunning new range of non-heated,... more »

multi-faceted blue topaz

Stunning Blue Topaz and Diamond

Stunning Multi-Faceted Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring An absolutely stunning multi-faceted Blue Topaz and diamond piece we... more »

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Limited Edition Jewellery

Limited Edition Jewellery The rings shown are all handmade and purely one-off items. On the... more »


Diamond Earrings & Pendants

Diamond Earrings & Pendants Kellerwood Jewellers are excited to show you a new range of diamond... more »

diamond cut

The importance of diamond symmetry when choosing a diamond

Diamond Symmetry Over the last few weeks a number of clients have been approaching us... more »