Diamond Earrings & Pendants


Diamond Earrings & Pendants

Kellerwood Jewellers are excited to show you a new range of diamond earrings & pendants for this summer. The innovative and beautiful diamond set jewellery is a must see. The diamonds oscillate; catch the light, giving an incredible sparkle. The wearer’s movement powers the vibrations even when seemingly still the diamond still shakes in its mount. It has been a while since seeing something so interesting in jewellery and we are looking forward to showing you.

We had the pendants commissioned in eighteen-carat white gold then set them with round brilliant cut diamonds. There are more elaborate pendants that could make a stunning addition to a wedding day with the sparkle being noticed when walking down the aisle.

Or, there are more simple designs perfect for every day and evening wear.
Once again, feel free to come by and ask about this stunning range of beautiful jewellery.


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