Limited Edition Jewellery

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Limited Edition Jewellery

The rings shown are all handmade and purely one-off items. On the left is a stunning 11.79 carat Sri-Lankan Rubellite, which is part of the tourmaline family of gemstones.

We set the Rubellite into a handmade eighteen-carat white gold mount bordered by baguette cut diamonds.

In the centre is what we call the sunshine ring consisting of a beautifully faceted 18.08 carat Brazilian golden citrine. We then additionally surrounded the citrine by over a carat of fine quality modern brilliant cut diamonds. The filigree gallery of the ring highlights the quality of craftsmanship.

Finally, we created a stunning solid handmade platinum mount to accommodate an incredible 4.02 carat Colombian emerald. The Emerald sits in a rub over setting surrounded by modern brilliant cut diamonds. It required an expert craftsman to hand make this mount and another specialist to set the rare South American emerald.

These are just three small examples of what Kellerwood Jewellers have created over the years as unique items of collectable and wearable handmade jewellery with the components being sourced internationally and then crafted locally. Please feel free contact us and discuss any ideas you may have regarding a unique piece or to view our collection.

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