Kellerwood Jewellers Eternity Rings For That Significant Moment

All eternity rings come with a diamond quality guarantee certificate of F/G colour and VS clarity as a minimum.

Kellerwood Jewellers half eternity rings are carefully chosen for their design, quality and finish. The rings are often presented to mark a significant occasion. Traditionally a full eternity was presented to represent an unbroken cycle of love. However, whilst Kellerwood does provide a full eternity by request we strongly recommend the half eternity ring. This is because a half eternity can often be re-sized (full eternity rings cannot) and they exhibit less wear and tear.

The history and importance of these rings is as significant as any engagement ring or wedding band.

Many of our clients wear half eternity rings against another ring – but they also look great sat alone. We provide a large range of half eternity rings in white, yellow, rose gold and platinum. By request we can also make them in Palladium.

We look forward to discussing your needs and making an eternity or half eternity ring to fit with your existing jewellery or as a standalone ring.