New Violet Sapphire and Diamond Range

gia certified saphire

Incredible Rare Violet Sapphire

Kellerwood is proud to present a stunning new range of non-heated, GIA certificated, violet sapphire and diamond in platinum.

Gem dealers heat treat 95% of global gem quality sapphire. This is a normal part of the coloured gem process and is considered the standard. Albeit, some sapphires are so intense in their colour they require no treatment. Therefore, we stock a number of these limited rare gemstones. Additionally, we have used platinum, due to its rarity, to highlight such precious gems.

You may have never heard of violet sapphire. Many people do not realise that sapphire comes in many colours such as peach, green, yellow and even red – known as ruby!

So, based on any of the designs you see in our stock we can obtain nearly all the different colours of sapphire available.

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