The Premier Cut Diamond: Dazzling Moments That Last Forever.

premier cut diamonds

Is it possible? Can a round brilliant cut diamond get better? Yes. A breakthrough. The round brilliant cut diamond has dominated fine jewellery for decades. But now we have a new contender. If you want to wear a rare gem then let us introduce the Premier Cut diamond.


82 Facets of Bright!

premier cut diamonds

The round diamond of the past had 57 facets reflecting light back to the eye of the viewer. You can picture a gem cutter working hard over years trying to perfect the immaculate. Then, one day, the gem cutters work was complete. The Premier Cut. Now we have a round diamond which has 82 facets projecting sparkle back into your eye.

The lustre is phenomenal. Imagine looking into an intense fiery dance on your finger everyday. The perfect object to remind you of your loved one. And being diamond this bright light gets trusted to future generations. These diamonds are so much more than the past. Yet keep with a noble tradition.


What About the Grades?

As you may be aware by now we price diamonds according to a set of criteria. This criteria, in large, is the 4 C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight. A diamond often comes with an independent certificate confirming the quality. Premier Cut diamonds will all come with a reputable independent certificate.


What Next?

So, you desire one of these masterpieces?

Being a round diamond these gems will fit into the vast majority of our well crafted mounts. So, any of the designs you see in store can be set up with a Premier Cut diamond. We also have a range already set in a variety of classic mounts that we know people love. Additionally we can translate your ideas into a bespoke piece of jewellery.


To Summarise

We know learning about diamonds can be a bit of a minefield so, to make it simple;

  • The diamond is round, keeping with tradition, but has more sparkle.
  • There are a very limited amount of these diamonds, thus they are very rare!
  • Each of these diamonds is IGI certificated. Ensuring they are conflict free.
  • Premier Cut Diamonds can be set into a large variety of jewellery designs. Thus we can make it bespoke to your ideas, if you wish.


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